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Division of Successful B2C & B2B Company Minimus.biz


Minimus Fulfillment is a division of Minimus.biz, ranked in the top 1000 highest grossing B2C e-commerce businesses, and top 300 B2B businesses in the U.S.  We bring our own entrepreneurial approach to our fulfillment division clients... viewing ourselves as a "part of your team" and not just a vendor.

We work with a variety of product categories for fulfillment, including (but not limited to):

  • Apparel
  • Food (shelf stable)
  • Beauty
  • Electronics
  • ...and more!

The Customer Experience


We view the customer experience as paramount importance in fulfillment services.  

This includes elements of:

  • Timeliness
  • Accuracy
  • Shipper box / interior packaging
  • Customer service

We like to think "in the box" with "out of the box" ideas... such as a unique product we developed: The Talking Shipper©. 

Take a look at the video to learn more.

Talking Shipper© Video

Contact us and Ask Questions


Every business is unique and has its own needs.  Please reach out to us, and/or schedule a visit to our facility so we can go through your company and its needs to help support your business growth.

We love to sit down with businesses and explore their specific needs, and see where we can add value in any way, such as:

  • Solving problems
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lowered fulfillment costs
  • Increased postage/freight savings
  • Sales opportunities (via our other businesses)

Customer Reaction to the Talking Shipper©

Check out the reaction caught on video.

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3PL ("Third Party Logistics") / Warehousing and Fulfillment

Leveraging its own systems for e-commerce and wholesale/distributor warehousing and fulfillment, Minimus.biz has been offering warehousing and fulfillment services to other brands for over 6 years. 

Our approach is to work with brands as their partner, and not as a vendor simply stuffing a product in a bag. 

We bring the same marketing and entrepreneurial approach with our fulfillment customers as we do with our own e-commerce and wholesale/distribution businesses.

B2C and B2B Fulfillment

We work with a variety of fulfillment service types, including:

  • B2C e-commerce single and multi-touch pick/pack and ship
  • B2B case and pallet wholesale and distributor fulfillment
  • Prep and shipping to Amazon
  • Prep shipments and manage compliance to national retailers shipment specifications 

Clients range from 1 pallet to 500+ pallets of goods.

Clients obtain the benefits of our large volume national, and international postal, 3rd party carrier, consolidator, and freight relationships.

Customer Service

We have an in-house team of award-winning customer service reps for email or phone support of your customers. 

Customer service ticket software tracks customer correspondence. VOIP toll-free numbers available. Email and phone tree system so multiple agents can access accounts. 

We also work on emergencies to assist with any crises our customer might have (e.g. a rush overnight). 

Repetitive issues are communicated back to the client for potential pre-sale improvement (e.g. adding information to the client website's FAQ, or checkout screen).

Kitting & Assembly

Leverage our kitting department for any kits, subscription boxes, or other special assemblies needed. 

We have both design staff and assembly line staff experienced in a myriad of concepts. 

In 2011, the promotional products trade industry named us one of the hottest rising brands in the industry for our work in custom kitting.

Packaging Design and Sourcing

We collaborate on the customer experience, which includes custom box design and production, packaging materials and enhancements, insert cards and other marketing materials. We go through a host of options to dial in the best solutions for the given brand and its specific message. This often entails an in-depth meeting at our facility to sit with the brand’s team to go through the options and work to an optimal solution. We offer pre-vetted preferred vendors that we use exclusively for our custom boxes, labels, inserts, and more, in order to provide top level quality and service on componentry (or we can work with a client's vendors).  

Customized Solutions

Every business is unique... 

...and we like to gain an understanding of our client's businesses to provide the proper services and approach. 

In a majority of cases, we participate in a collaborative environment to help provide improvements to clients' processes, packaging, and overall customer experience.  

Processes & More


Competitive Rates

We benchmark ourselves against other industry providers to ensure that the final pricing is competitive (many different providers have different fee structures that can often mask the final pricing).  

Strong Quality Control

We use the same care in the pick/pack as we do with our own business, that has continually operated an extremely low <1% (at the "best in class" industry standard) error rate.

Postage / Freight

Discounted postage/freight as a high volume shipper with FedEx, USPS, and freight. We also have an international postal consolidator for individual box shipments, and an international importer and exporter freight company with a customs clearance partner, that we work with to help with anything going in and out of the country (and we have a good relationship with the U.S. Department of Commerce for anything that needs additional support).  


We work with a variety of customers and their unique situations. We might be given full management of their website, access to download and upload orders, feed files sent back and forth, or full integration with our enterprise level 3PL software. We have experience with a variety of carts (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce) as well as Amazon.

Contract Packaging

We have a food and non-food contract packaging company, Minimus Products, located a few blocks away, which can help in the creation of various products that might be relevant for a brand. 

Sales/Investment Opportunities

Given that Minimus.biz works with so many brands through its own offerings (over 300 manufacturers), other fulfillment clients, and its contract packaging sister company, Minimus Products, we occasionally are able to bring people together for win-win-win sales opportunities. Minimus is also partnered with an accelerator that invests into, and provides operational and marketing support to growing consumer product businesses. 

Product categories we work with...

Consumer goods (toiletries, cosmetics, etc.), food (shelf stable), apparel (general, swimwear, intimates, etc.), electronics, high profile celebrity products, and more!

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